Blue Waters Relocation And Estate Sales - We help ease the transition for seniors and their families.

Dear Catherine,  
You worked so hard this past week - and especially this weekend !!! - and in the sizzling heat too !!!!  

We residents can write Super Star recognitions for staff that go above and beyond the call of duty.  

You are not staff, yet you deserve a SUPER STAR recognition, so these comments are sent to you in appreciation, 
and to Lorraine and Gary for their wisdom in bringing you to White Sands.   September 9, 2013 Claire L.R.

 Your assistance with my present move out-of-state has been an absolute God-send for me. I can't possibly imagine how I could have made the move without your help. Thank you! Thank you! March 18, 2013 Albert U. P.
 " You were of great help in our recent move from a home into a retirement unit.  From the estate sale, to disposing of unsold items, listing of items on Craigslist and Ebay, offering advice about an auction house, etc.  you were professional and caring.  You always offered options and were not "pushy," but helped us decide how best to proceed.  Thank you so much."  Summer 2012 Darwin and Mary Jane M.
“Thank you so much for your compassionate and caring ways. Your help with my grandma during this difficult time of transition has been truly invaluable. Your organizational skills, knowledge of local resources and amazing people skills greatly eased a stressful time for my family." January 21, 2011  Mary Z.
“Catherine is so amazing; she would do anything to assist a patient find the right solution to their problem, she always puts others before her self, and always does it with a smile on her face. Catherine helps patients get the help they need even if it takes up her whole day. I feel so lucky to know such a wonderful woman such as Catherine.” July 27, 2010 Jacqueline G.
“I recommend Catherine... She is thought of as one of the more outgoing and social people that would be very successful in any area of her job requirements. Catherine displays many qualities and characteristics of a quality leader. She is intelligent and easily adapts to new situations. She is definitely one of the types of leaders that I would give my highest recommendation.
July 14, 2010
Audrey S.

“Catherine is top in her field! She gives 100% to get the job done above and beyond expectation. She is honest, diligent and always has a smile on her face.” December 31, 2009
Kris G.
“I worked with Catherine on a few projects and she is great to work with. She is smart, has a great eye, and is genuinely nice to be around.  I was always happy to work with Catherine and recommend her for any job she sets her mind on.” October 24, 2010 Laurie G.

“Catherine has an amazing ability to be instantly clued in to the essence of a project and visualize the goals clearly from the get go. She has an excellent sense of presentation that is invaluable to both her colleagues and clients, plus a well-honed strategic insight that she applies to all her work. She is a natural team player and collaborator and a pleasure to work with -- I highly recommend her!” December 16, 2009 Nicole M.
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